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From only Php 20,000 per night.

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Diniwid Villas - Hand-Picked Boracay Accommodations

Diniwid Villas is a collection of Boracay’s most exclusive Mountain Villas. Each villa provides guests with a commanding view of Boracay Island, carefully tucked away in luxury & privacy. These Villas are located in the Diniwid area of Boracay. The Diniwid area and its secluded beach, frame the island experience inside a pocket of traditional Filipino living. The area is unique, as Boracay’s largest shopping mall is just inside walking distance which makes stocking the modern kitchens an easy accomplishment. These handpicked Diniwid villas bring you the best of both worlds on one of Asia’s highest-rated vacation islands. Contact us at your leisure for advance reservations and a five-star booking experience!

Diniwid Villas

Our Villa's

Caipirinha Villa Boracay - Diniwid Villas

Caipirinha Villas

from Php 30,000 per night

Many resorts and hotels on Boracay island have more than eleven rooms, but it’s usually impossible to charter the whole resort; especially the luxury ones. Caipirinha Villa is all yours.

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Margaretta Villa - Diniwid Villas

Margaretta Villa

Php from 40,000 per night

Perched atop a small mountain in Boracay’s quaint Diniwid area, stands Margaretta Villa. It’s one of the best luxury villas on Boracay, with a stunning […]

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DiniView Boracay Sea Villa

Sea Villa

from ₱13,000.00 per night

  Sea Villa has recently had a facelift to bring the native inspired design and premium property right in line with today’s tourist demands. Superb […]

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DiniView Boracay Sun Villa

Sun Villa

from ₱13,000.00 per night

  Sun Villa Boracay is a panoramic villa in the hills of Diniwid that can accommodate up to five people. Sweeping panoramic views and all […]

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Villa Yapak

from ₱33,000.00 per night

  This six person villa blends style and class together in one tight package. Fully functional modern kitchen and well-kept grounds make Villa Yapak a […]

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Villa Hakbang

from ₱33,000.00 per night

  This villa features brightly colored furniture that blends with the earthy dining table and a fully equipped kitchen. Villa Hakbang is part of the […]

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About Diniwid Villas

Diniwid Villas is an exclusive collection of the best Villas located in the Diniwid area of Boracay. We are experts and enthusiasts of this quaint area of the island. Diniwid brings you access to a small but secluded beach cove wrapped in mountains and sand, many locally owned and operated mini shops, and local food calendarias. Diniwid is a truly unique area on Boracay and that old island feeling is very much intact. Booking with us is safe, secure, and fast. Let us help you find you perfect villa in 2020 & 2021